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Orecchiette with Basil

How to enjoy: 
Here's how to make Orecchiette pasta with Basil: the tradition wants them with cow's or sheep's milk ricotta, a first really fast, simple and lightweight, ideal for lovers of good ricotta. And incredibly easy to make, plus it's good ricotta, more good will the pasta, you could add 2 tablespoons of sauce when dilute the ricotta. For a lightweight version can also be added the cream, nutmeg or cinnamon ... ... ... ... the choice is yours
How we do produce and the typical way of workin: 
Selected ingredients, pure durum wheat flour makes these noodles so good. The manual work and the slow drying process of about 16-20hr, makes sure that delicious noodles with the smoke surface are like the once our grandmothers made.
Health and wellness effects: 
The Salento cuisine combines the products of good land and sea to aromas of Mediterranean herbs and taste of good extra virgin olives oil, so as to delineate the flavors, smells and colours typical of the Mediterranean diet. Among the foods that this earth prefers emerge those rich in carbohydrates, which are essential to provide the bulk of energy daily quota. This "pizzarieddi orecchiette and cavatelli" with all first courses of pasta of Puglia create each a gentle harmony of taste by marrying the flavors and smells of Puglia and creating a great nutritional balance this rustic pasta is ideal for these who would still reduce the intake of carbohydrates in your diet, or for those who prefer the flavor even more ancient rustic like many lovers of traditional Mediterrean cuisine. This product is made with durum wheat flour selected which also contains the right percentage of fiber
Length and diameter: 
diameter aprox 3,0 cm
Durum wheat (gluten), water, dried Basil 1%. Store in a cool, dry place. 12.50% humidity
500 gr